Little Clay Houses

Happy June everyone!

I am very excited about shooting this summer. I got some new equipment and here is a photo I took of these little clay houses I made. The biggest one is about the height of a quarter! Advertisements

New Beautiful Website


New Website!

I have spent many hours re-designing my wesbite and I am happy to say that it is ready to be seen! I am excited for the summer shoots that are coming up and all the new equipment I have purchased. I am one happy photographer!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

What I am working on now…


Image V

Hello everyone!

I am sorry I haven’t posted much here but I can assure you that I am still working. I am currently working on a personal abstract photography series titled, “Recovery.” In this series on self-identity and exploration, I photograph paper in various arrangements and conditions to express my experience with resiliency, vulnerability and rebirth. It has been a very exciting process and I wanted to share a bit of it with you all. I just created a blog specifically on that series. I am going to add a link to it soon but until then it is at Enjoy!

As always I enjoy any feedback 🙂

This semester’s paintings

Final PaintingThis is my final painting project that I did in my first semester abroad. It is done with acrylic paints. It is the largest painting I have ever done. It is 89x116cm, which is about 3×4 feet. Originally I wanted to do use the colors from the body as the tree colors and the colors of the trees for the body but that didn’t work out. The trees didn’t look real with colors from a body so I changed it to an autumn tree. I made the window black and white to help ease all the colors. I started out knowing I wanted to use a lot of color in this portrait because I have been trying all semester to explore with colors. Back in the States, I tended to work with limited colors so I wanted to loosen up a bit this semester. My professor also loves color. He always wanted as much color as possible and as daring as possible. In this painting, I am most proud of the hands. I did a few sketches of the hands (both drawn and painted) and I am very satisfied with how it turned out. The hair took a lot of time and many layers. I studied a few different artists to see different approaches to curly hair. I do like the way it turned out. I also love the colors of the body. I think they illustrates the lights and darks of the body pretty well. I decided not to do too much detail for the tree because it started to compete for attention with the body.

Semester's Work

Each day when I finished this class, I always left wanting to stay just a little longer. There were things to improve with all of these. None of these are finished products. Most were made within 30-50 minutes. One or two might’ve been 70 minutes and even those, I don’t consider done. I love all the colors. I can see the progression when I look at all these. I can almost put them in chronological order. Some days, I came to class with an idea or palette in mind. Other days, I sat down and stared at the model for about ten minutes until something came to me. Or when I was mad, I just threw a color on the paper and went with it. I was frustrated at times with my teachers involvement but in the end, I did learn a bit from him. I wish some painting classes were offered next semester. I could use some more days just painting.

Today’s Painting: A new model!

Well, today was all sorts of fun. I used two new brushes. I purchased them maybe a week ago but never used them because we started working large scale again (and they are two small brushes). I am only using three brushes here and until last week, I was only using one. I brought brushes here from the States but they are all watercolor brushes.

We got a new model today which is super exciting! I spent a little more time sketching today so maybe a total of ten minutes. We only did one pose today so I got to spend more time on this painting. I probably spent 70 minutes on this painting. Here are the pictures with more information on the process in the description!

Today’s Paintings

I didn’t write too much but its in the description below the pictures.

November 12th Painting

I put my comments in the description below the images. I do like this paiting. Its different from the rest because I didn’t use hardly any water. I like the texture it gives it. I kind of reminds me of watercolor. I also bought a new brush today but I didn’t use it in the this painting. I am going to use it in the next clas!